Terra Nil Demo Now Available on Steam

You can now try out reclaiming the wasteland in Terra Nil‘s ecological-focused take on builder games in a demo on Steam.

A self-described “reverse city builder” Terra Nil sees you working on reconstructing an ecosystem to rejuvenate a barren wasteland generated when you start. By placing wind turbines, water wheels, and more, you watch the world become filled with life and greenery in front of you, with lush fields of flowers springing up, water coursing through the previously dry and cracked terrain, and forest habits returning woodland creatures to the area.

Previously a “hobby project”, Terra Nil is now being rebuilt in 3D and expanded as a full commercial endeavour for future release on Steam. The original devs have teamed up with indie game studio Free Lives, whose other titles include Broforce and Gorn, and publisher Devolver Digital allowing them to bring about these changes, and the current version is looking pretty sharp.

Here’s the reveal trailer from Devolver Digital:

Terra Nil is one of many upcoming games featured in the current Next Fest on Steam, running from June 16 to June 22, and a demo of its revamped version is now available. Alternatively, you can download the original pixel prototype for Windows, Mac and Linux from the game’s official itchi.io for free.

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