Teslagrad 2 And Teslagrad Remastered Both Available Today

Seemingly out of nowhere, both Teslagrad Remastered and Teslagrad 2 have been announced today. Not only that, they are already available!

Available today on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4&5, Nintendo Switch and PC, Teslagrad 2 and Teslagrad Remastered are available separately or in a Power Pack bundle. Teslagrad Remastered is a new and improved version of the 2016 side-scrolling puzzle platformer game – and, as you probably guessed, Teslagrad 2 is its sequel. 

Developed and published by Rain Games, Teslagrad allows players to use electromagnetic powers in order to solve physics-based puzzles. With a Scandinavian-inspired backdrop including its geography and mythology, the tale is also accompanied by a Nordic folk orchestral soundtrack. Although the goal is to find and defeat monsters, you can do so against a beautiful landscape. Each monster you slay allows you to find more areas to explore.

Teslagrad Remastered has 10 new challenge levels, updated graphics, remastered audio and general quality of life improvements. With the game already being a hit back in 2016, it seems it has only gotten better!

Teslagrad 2 promises exploration of an abundant world set across a 2D-painted landscape, a test of your logic skills with a series of perplexing puzzles, and fluid movement as you travel seamlessly through the map. Additionally, this “Steampunk-meets-Norse adventure” has epic boss battles which can unlock new abilities for your character.

Move seamlessly through the world with the use of Teslamancy

Both Teslagrad Remastered and Teslagrad 2 are available on the Nintendo Switch today. Additionally, you can grab the titles via the Xbox Store for both Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. They are also available for PlayStation and PC with the Teslagrad Power Pack Edition currently only $30! If you own the original Teslagrad, you can upgrade to Teslagrad Remastered for only $1.

Will you be picking up this bundle? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to GameLuster for more gaming news!

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