Tezuka officially confirms that you’ll be able to share levels online in Mario Maker

At  this years E3 there were several amazing looking games for us to look forward to, but in the grand scheme of things it is Nintendo who truly said to us there are games you really should play, among these games was the surprise of Mario Maker a game where you can build and play your own Mario stages which looked really fun and quite challenging. It is essentially you create your own fun and challenge the way you like it, but the problem that many of us have been concerned with this is that there had been no confirmation on whether these stages were for ourselves or whether we were actually able to share and play others creations.

Of course in this type of game this is what we want we don’t want to feel unsatisfied by the game and feel like we are wasting our time just for ourselves, just from the initial trailer Mario Maker does look like one of those games that it is better to create and share with others to get the most out of the game. But thankfully the games developer Takashi Tezuka has confirmed online sharing is going to be in Mario Maker. His statement is nothing spectacular but Tezuka teased while speaking with EDGE this month, “There will need to be a system for sharing courses online”. So if that is not confirmation I don’t know what is.

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