The Banner Saga 2’s console release date revealed

The Banner Saga is a series that has achieved quite a fandom, the original game is very much loved and now for those who are not PC gamers you can look forward to playing the follow up The Banner Sage 2. Developer Stoic has officially revealed when the game will be arriving on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One with it revealed to be arriving on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One on June 26th. With the Xbox One version of the game Stoic will be self publishing thanks to Microsoft’s ID@Xbox self-publishing program.

Technical producer at Stoic John Watson shared some information on the impending release stating:

“We are happy that we were able to create a development schedule where the console version of Banner Saga 2 could come out shortly after the PC version. Although our team size dictated what we could do with the first release, we knew that a two year wait for the sequel was just not acceptable, so we worked extremely hard to ensure that console gamers could continue their journey in a timely fashion.”

Watson has also stated that they hope to have the PC and console versions of the inevitable Banner Saga 3 arrive on the systems at the same time.

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