As many as twenty developers at varying levels within Striking Distance Studios have reportedly been omitted from the credits for The Callisto Protocol, which launched in December 2022. In a report from, the publication reached out to five former developers with Striking Distance Studios, who said their names had been left out of the credits for the survival horror IP.

Additional to the five developers, sources close to the publication estimate up to twenty key studio figures were not credited for their contributions. The studio has yet to return a comment. “To just not be there at all is shitty,” one developer said, having contributed a “good amount” to the final product.

Infected Creature - The Callisto Protocol.
Infected Creature – The Callisto Protocol. (Pic: Striking Distance Studios).

Another source told the publication that a number of those omitted from the credits were “core people who built the studio up,” which reportedly included staff that had worked with Striking Distance for more than a year, and have previous experience working with CEO Glen Schofield.

A developer said “full-time employees with over a year invested in the title” were not credited. These unnamed figures “had a hand in significant parts of the product,” the developer continues. “That’s where the surprise has come from for a lot of us.”

Black Iron Prison - The Callisto Protocol.
Black Iron Prison – The Callisto Protocol. (Pic: Striking Distance Studios).

According to, there has been inconsistency in how credits were appointed in the game. It’s reported that employees were credited with providing “additional” support to their respective departments, while others were tacked on in a “miscellaneous” grouping at the end of the credits.

One source said they felt the studio were “playing favorites” and “pretty much picked people they liked or had some sort of relationship with, and those would get credit and the others wouldn’t.”

GameLuster will update this story as it develops. For more on the Striking Distance Studios, check out GameLuster’s review of The Callisto Protocol.

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