Glen Schofield, CEO of Striking Distance Studios and the original creator of the Dead Spacer series, appeared during Summer Game Fest 2022 to show a brand-new look at gameplay for upcoming sci-fi horror game, The Callisto Protocol. Per Schofield himself, this new look is the “Schofield Cut” of the trailer shown at last week’s State of Play.

The trailer opens with main character, Jacob Lee, coming across some kind of hologram, depicting what presumably happened to leave the station in such disarray. Corpses lay on the floor, covered in blood. The environment establishes a strong atmosphere with its detailed depiction of a prison on Mars with what appears to be constant, low light.

Shortly after the hologram disappears, creatures similar to zombies start attacking Jacob. This is where we get to see the combat of The Callisto Protocol. Equipped with only a gun and some kind of pipe, Jacob starts to fight, dismembering enemies by shooting off their limbs. The mechanic might be familiar to fans of the Dead Space series. In addition to simply shooting zombified foes, Jacob also has the ability to suspend enemies in the air and throw them around. As a later section of the trailer reveals, this can be used to throw enemies into environmental traps like big turbines, dispatching them in grotesque ways. This same section of the trailer also shows off a new look for the protagonist, with him sporting a futuristic space suit. However, even the space drip is powerless in the face of the very environmental traps Jacob used on others, as we are shown a brutal death by turbine.

Callisto Protocol Gameplay suit
A look at the fancy new suit

The Callisto Protocol is set to release on December 2nd, 2022 for PC and both current and last gen consoles.

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