The Callisto Protocol, a spiritual successor to Dead Space and directed by the series co-creator Glen Schofield, has disappointed investors in publisher Krafton. In a report from Korea Odyssey, it’s said that “the company expected cumulative sales of 5 million copies,” but current sales figures instead suggest “cumulative sales of 2 million copies will not be easy until this year.” This was a big ask for a brand new horror IP, especially one that didn’t receive a glowing reception.

According to the report, The Callisto Protocol cost 200 billion won to create, which is approximately $162 million USD. The low sales figures are attributed by the report to negative player reviews, specifically due to the game’s short length and simple level design. The Callisto Protocol launched with poor performance on PC, which was later improved in a patch. Currently on Steam the game has mixed reviews, with reviews criticizing the game’s story, gameplay and performance. Here at GameLuster, we weren’t thrilled by the game either, giving it a 5/10 in our review.

The Callisto Protocol upside down view in chains of a monster
Striking Distance Studios may try to flip The Callisto Protocol around with future updates.

The report notes that “Krafton plans to seek a rebound with follow-up support for The Callisto Protocol.” It’s not unheard of at this point for a game to release in a poor state with weaker sales, and to go through intense updates and fixes to make a better experience. Cyberpunk 2077 and No Man’s Sky have both had more positive audience reception and increasing sales as time has passed by. Perhaps if the developers at Striking Distance Studios keep providing updates and improvements then The Callisto Protocol could find new success.

Did you pick up The Callisto Protocol? If so, what did you think of the game? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news and industry coverage.

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