The Case of the Golden Idol: Case 3 Guide

The third case of tricky mystery puzzler The Case of the Golden Idol introduces the mysterious powers exhibited by the titular idol. The mystery in Case 3, called “The Dramatic Departure of an Outsider,” is the most difficult so far. Luckily, this guide reveals all the clues you need to gather and the solutions to each and every puzzle in Case 3 of The Case of the Golden Idol.


3 2

There are 26 clues to collect in this chapter. They are divided into four categories: names of people, causes of death, adjectives, and items mentioned in Sebastian Cloudsley’s will. The clues are:

Adam Battley Cloudsley Cubert David Edmund Gorran James Maker Nicolas Pear Peter Rose Sebastian (people) spontaneous combustion (causes of death) happy inspired scared upset (adjectives) aphorisms house idol research (Cloudsley’s will)

Puzzle Solutions

3 3

First, identify the people present in the scene. They are the four people mentioned in Cloudsley’s will – the attorney reading the will and three servants.

Start with the two people in the room on the right. Rose Cubert is the only woman present, so she is easy to identify. The man sitting across from her is holding information regarding the will, so he must be the attorney, Nicolas Maker.

The six people outside are slightly trickier. The man in the hat is holding a letter addressed to David Gorran, so that logically must be his name. The man wearing the glasses has a newspaper article discussing a speech by Edmund Cloudsley, and he even somewhat resembles the members of the Cloudsley family seen in previous chapters, so he is Edmund. The man in the yellow coat has gambling slips in his pocket, and documents collected elsewhere in the chapter mention that Peter Battley has money troubles, so this man must be Peter.

Finally, there are the remaining three men – their identities require a little deduction. The man on the far left, wearing a gray shirt, has something in his pocket that says “Property of the Pear Twins,” so he must have a twin. However, nobody else in the scene resembles him. If his twin is definitely present, there is only one person he can be: the man on fire, whose features cannot be seen.

3 1

But which twin is which, and what are their first names? A note on the stable door reads that the two servants who care for the horses are named Adam and James. The one who is not on fire is holding a knife inscribed with an “A.” Thus, he is Adam Pear, and the man on fire is James Pear. By process of elimination, the remaining person, the man in green, is Willard Wright.

Next, identify what Cloudsley left each person in his will. The first piece mentions someone who traveled far away. Rose Cubert has many exotic items in her possession, so this refers to her. The second says that the person is involved in politics. Edmund Cloudsley is mentioned in the news as giving a speech, so this refers to him. The third part of the will discusses financial troubles, so it must be referring to the gambler, Peter Battley. Again by process of elimination, the last part of the will must be addressing Willard Wright.

Consider who is the most likely to be upset by the contents of the will and try something reckless: Battley, who desperately needed money but received only a book of aphorisms. Once you have this information, you can fill out the scroll and complete the case. The solution is:

“Peter Battley was upset to receive aphorisms in Sebastian Cloudsley’s will and ordered Adam Pear and James Pear to take the idol from Willard Wright. Suddenly, James Pear died from spontaneous combustion.”

Now, you have solved “The Dramatic Departure of an Outsider” and can move on to the next case. Be sure to check out GameLuster’s other guides for puzzle solutions for every chapter of The Case of the Golden Idol.

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