The Day Before Delivers 10 Miserable Minutes Of Gameplay

The developers behind The Day Before have revealed ten minutes of footage from the long, long-awaited MMO, and opinions on the gameplay are mixed. The city environments are impressive, and the gunplay shows mild promise if handled right by the studio.

The footage teases the game’s crafting and weapon workbench menus and every so often, the odd zombie that meanders at about the same speed the gameplay does. There are probably eight or nine of them altogether, and they pose little threat, since the choice of automatic weapon sees to that. Plus, a lot of jogging as the in-game characters clock up the miles on their pedometers into an abandoned city.

Watch the footage below.

The Day Before Delivers 10 Miserable Minutes Of Gameplay

The gameplay is not much to get excited about, and the mixed reviews suggest Fntastic, the team behind the troubled title, may struggle to persuade those doubting the game’s authenticity. The MMO was set to be delayed before a title-related trademark dispute pushed the release window back by nine months.

Fntastic were said to be “very confident” the issue would be resolved with their legal team, while the additional months would help them “prepare for the release and make the overall improvements for the game. It will become even more polished, optimized, and content-filled.”

“The storm will calm down eventually, and time will put everything in its place. When the game comes out, people will finally see the truth,” the studio added. The Day Before is scheduled for release (pending no further delays) on the Playstation 5, Xbox Series X and S, and PC from November 10, 2023. Let us know in the comments below what you think of the new gameplay trailer.

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