The Destiny 2 Community Finished A Two Week Event In One Day

The latest community event arrived in Destiny 2 yesterday with ‘A Rising Tide’, as Guardians were tasked with improving the Eliksni Quarter area of the Last City. The Fallen belonging to the House of Light occupy the rundown area, and it was the community’s job to give it a makeover. Guardians were challenged with donating 400,000,000 pieces of treasure, which was expected to take a week or so to complete. The Destiny 2 community completed the whole thing in one day.

Treasure coordinates were an eligible material to donate towards the total treasure count. Usually, treasure coordinates are earned through seasonal activities, but the Destiny 2 community found an exploit to earn thousands of treasure coordinates in minutes. The trick involved switching around treasure maps in a certain order, until eventually the player can glitch themselves into a cycle of adding new maps and earning coordinates rapidly. The glitch has been shared all over YouTube, if you wanted to see how it worked.

The masses of players doing this glitch resulted in the event being burned through in just 25 hours. A lot of players have taken to social media to express frustration over the glitch ending the event so soon, as well as the extremely underwhelming end results of the Eliksni Quarter being refurbished. It’s clear from the quote tweets on the official completion post from the Destiny 2 account that players expected a lot more changes than what they got.

The biggest changes the event made include a flight of stairs being installed, a slightly fancier bar replacing an older one, new lighting and some new plants. There’s definitely a lot to be desired, and the Last City building department has a lot of explaining to do with where all the treasure went. However, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that the event was done so quickly. It would surely be even more disappointing to have spent weeks on the minimal changes.

Did you join in the latest Destiny 2 community event? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news.

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