The Division Free To Claim On PC Until September 8

Tom Clancy’s The Division, Ubisoft’s original 2016 pandemic shooter, is now free to download and keep on PC. The special offer from Ubisoft begun on September 1, and The Division will be free to claim until September 8. To grab a copy of the base game for PC, those interested will need to log into the game’s Uplay page.

The premise of The Division, for those not familiar, is set in a snow-laden New York, amid a viral pandemic. In a plot that’s instead a little too close to home, the game was still a massive success for the developer. As well as searching for the cause of the pandemic, players are also tasked with bringing order back to the streets of Manhattan from rogue batches of survivors.

Recently, Ubisoft was forced to apologize following the unveiling of the intro trailer to Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad. The trailer outlined the story and the sinister organization, UMBRA, a fictional collective of bad guys that players would go up against. Still, the studio came under fire for the use of imagery within the showcase.

A propaganda poster depicts a black fist raised in the air. It’s a connection to the recent Black Lives Matter movement that sparked a protest from many within the gaming communities. So much so, that Ubisoft responded promptly with a Twitter post.

They described the fist as “insensitive and harmful in both its inclusion and how it was portrayed.”

As a result, the studio decided to remove the fist from “the next title update this Tuesday, September 1 on Android, and as soon as possible on iOS.”

Last month it was announced that the VP of editorial and creative services, Tommy François, had left the company. According to a post on social media, François had been placed on administrative leave, “pending the results of an investigation into sexual harassment” at Ubisoft.

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