Bring the Racetrack Home with Mario Kart Live Home Circuit

Since he first took up kart racing in 1992, Mario (and Luigi!) have raced on practically every track imaginable. From a world made of cheese to a bustling metropolis to the infamous Rainbow Road high in the sky, the brothers have been everywhere. But now they’re going where no plumbers-turned-kart-racers have gone before. That’s right, Mario and Luigi are bringing their karts to — your very own home?

Today’s Nintendo Direct event, which celebrated the 35th anniversary of the Mario franchise, announced a new Mario Kart title, which will feature an unexpected style of gameplay. Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit is an augmented reality (AR) experience in which players use their Nintendo Switch consoles to control actual remote-controlled cars driven by none other than Mario and Luigi themselves.

The race courses will appear on the Switch, but the karts themselves will drive around the house as the player steers them. Karts can react to both physical items (such as gates) and in-game items and power-ups, including the classic Shells, Banana Peels, and more. Be careful, though — real-world obstacles like tables and chairs will cause Mario or Luigi to stop, so you’ll have to be very careful to keep them on course at all times!

In addition to creating your own custom courses, the game will also feature a Grand Prix mode in which Mario and Luigi can race against virtual Koopaling characters. Conquering courses in this mode will even unlock exciting new costumes for the brothers!

Developed in partnership with New York-based Velan Studios, Home Circuit will release on October 16. It will come in both a Mario and a Luigi version, each of which is anticipated to cost $99.99. Tell all your friends to grab a copy too — local multiplayer options will allow up to four players to race against each other!

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