The Last Of Us On HBO: Mazin On Making Multiple Seasons

Craig Mazin, one of the co-creators of HBO’s The Last Of Us, has suggested the critically acclaimed series could reach four seasons before coming to an end, wherever that may be. 


In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Chernobyl creator was asked why the first season was limited to nine episodes instead of a round ten and whether Season 2 would be affected. Mazin explained that they had “laid out our vision to HBO for how this series should lay out across not one season, but multiple seasons.”


His response led the interviewer to the next question, who alluded to a remark Mazin had previously made in another answer about the adaptation reaching a potential “fourth season.”


In response, Mazin admitted he “aware that I mentioned that. You never know. It can end up being three or five. But four seems like a good number. Some seasons, because of the story we’re telling, will need fewer episodes and some will need more.”


Sticking with the theme of episode counts, Mazin did confirm that the story to cover the events of The Last Of Us Part II, a sequel substantially superior in length to the original game, would “not fit into one season.” 


Could the second season cover the events of Ellie before moving on to Abby for the third, effectively splitting the series down the middle in the same way the sequel did, or could we see a more concurrent narrative, with the series weaving between Ellie and Abby’s worlds one week after the next?


Let us know your thoughts on this story, and we’ll keep you updated on new developments at GameLuster.

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