The Last Of Us – Outbreak Day Tenth Anniversary Celebrations

Yesterday (September 26) was The Last Of Us Day, an occasion Naughty Dog and audiences worldwide set aside to celebrate the post-apocalyptic video game. Moreover, yesterday marked the tenth anniversary since it all started – and while fans were hoping for some exclusive content drops (perhaps in the way of casting news, trailers, or maybe even an update on the long-awaited multiplayer DLC), sadly, the celebrations were a tad more muted this year.


Within three years, the adaptation of The Last Of Us debuted on HBO, while the second season became stuck in production limbo. Last year, Naughty Dog launched the PS5 remake of the original title, and in 2020, the first game received a sequel. Understandably, the studio are keeping a lid on new content for now, since its fair to say, they’ve been exceptionally busy of late.


Instead, the studio shared a community post to celebrate the decade. The studio highlighted a Troy Baker concert livestream, in which Baker performed a series of songs connected to The Last Of Us. Known as Joel in the video games, Baker also played James in the HBO adaptation (Episode 8). 

Ellie and Dina - The Last Of Us Part II.
Ellie and Dina – The Last Of Us Part II. (Pic: Naughty Dog).

Naughty Dog revealed a Halloween T-shirt designed in collaboration with Pearl Jam, who played an integral role in The Last Of Us Part II. The T-shirt features the band name and clicker art. As previously reported, Naughty Dog touched upon the Universal haunted house attraction inspired by The Last Of Us as part of the ten-year festivities. Gallery and fan artwork, anniversary wallpapers, photo mode challenges, and merchandise via the Playstation Gear Store were also unveiled in the post.


“While we will not be making announcements regarding any future projects, we wanted to highlight some of the new and ongoing ways we’re celebrating this franchise with you and showing our appreciation for the passion, joy, and support you have shown us these last 10 years,” they wrote.


“Thank you for the last decade you’ve spent playing, showing your admiration for, and talking about these games. These stories mean so much to our studio, and we know in turn how much they mean to you,” the studio signed off the post.

The Last of Us
Joel and Ellie – The Last Of Us. (Pic: Naughty Dog).


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