Universal Launch The Last Of Us Haunted House Attraction

A haunted house attraction inspired by The Last Of Us will be opening as part of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando, and best of all, Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, known for playing Joel and Ellie in the video games, will be reprising their roles for the experience. 

According to a story from SFX Magazine (per GamesRadar), both Baker and Johnson provided voice-over dialogue for the attraction and staying true to the source material in more ways than one. Lora Sauls, a member of senior management at Universal Orlando, explained that the resort employed “voiceover actors from the video game.”

“We did voiceover recordings with them and they re-recorded our entire dialogue for our haunted house. So we were very, very excited to work with both Troy and Ashley on the re-recording of our haunted house dialogue,” Sauls added. Additionally, Universal have worked closely with Naughty Dog and the game creator Neil Druckmann to bring the ride to life. Druckmann suggested a particular location for the setting of the haunted house attraction. 

The Last Of Us.
The Last Of Us. (Pic: HBO).


If you’re a fan of Naughty Dog, then you’ll be aware the studio are a stickler for details – and the haunted house attraction is no exception. For example, the house will provide gear at a weapons table and masks for Clickers and Bloaters, described as “absolutely beautiful and identical to what you saw in that video game.”

Tickets are on sale now at Universal Studios Hollywood, so it’s best to get in while stocks last. Doors open at Universal Orlando on Friday, September 1. One week later (Thursday, September 7), the doors open at Universal Studios Hollywood before closing on October 31. Orlando closes on November 4.

Would you spend a night in a haunted house inspired by The Last Of Us? Let us know of your thoughts in the comments below, and stay with GameLuster for more gaming news.

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