The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD gets new trailer detailing amiibo usage

Over the past couple of days major details regarding amiibo usage in The Legend of Twilight Princess HD have surfaced. For the game amiibo’s are going to play a decent part and offers varying results which will change how the game plays, the lowest forms of amiibo use come from the Link and Toon Link amiibo’s which will replenish your arrow supplies once a day. Meanwhile the Zelda and Shiek amiibo’s have been revealed to recover your hearts once a day.

However with Twilight Princess HD two amiibo’s will play a big part in the game, the start of these is the Ganondorf amiibo which unlike the others has more challenge inducing effects. The Ganondorf amiibo will be used to double health damage to yourself which will raise the difficulty level in the game substantially, and of which will also fix one of the biggest complaints made with the original release.

The Wolf Link amiibo will also play a big part having been revealed to be capable of unlocking a brand new area, the Cave of Shadows. This is all about the fight as you must beat down waves of enemies across a forty floor Colosseum style dungeon, the catch is you can only fight as Wolf Link which will raise the challenge. Nintendo has gone into greater detail in this new trailer for The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD which covers all these amiibo details.

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