The Planet Crafter: How To Use Fusion Reactor

You may encounter a Fusion Reactor when you explore the stranded spaceship wreck near your landing site in The Planet Crafter. If you interact with the tool, you’ll be able to see that you can insert something into the machine. In this guide, we’ll explain what item you need to craft to activate a Fusion Reactor. 

The Planet Crafter Fusion Reactor Guide

The Plante Crafter Fusion Energy Cell

Although the spaceship has been abandoned for a long time, the Fusion Reactor inside works just fine. Unfortunately, the important power source required to activate the machine is missing. 

You must craft a Fusion Energy Cell, which becomes available at a Terraformation index of 45.00 GTi. Here are the materials you need to gather:

  • Pulsar Quartz x3
  • Osmium x2
  • Obsidian x1

You can craft Pulsar Quartz in Biolab, but you may also find some inside Storage Crates. You can also discover some in the Pulsar Quartz cave, but this area has no soil to support an Ore Extractor. 

Besides discovering some inside Storage Crates, you can get Osmium from an Osmium Cave. Note that the entrances are blocked by ice, so you must reach Terraformation Stage Lake to thaw them. 

Lastly, you can gather Obsidian from an area with volcanoes. I found one on the southwestern side of the map. 

Once you craft your first Fusion Energy Cell, you can insert this item into the Fusion Reactor. Be warned that you cannot remove the Fusion Energy Cell once you place it. 

After the Fusion Reactor becomes active, it will open locked doors inside the spaceship and let you explore those previously restricted areas. You will usually find some Storage Crates containing rare materials that you can use for your Terraforming mission. 

That’s the end of our guide on how to use the Fusion Reactor in The Planet Crafter. For more great content, you can check out our post on what a PS5 Pro can offer.

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