The Lego website has revealed some of what we can expect from Lego Dimensions, through an instruction booklet on the website a few of the level packs have been revealed.

The website has revealed level packs for Lego Dimensions, these include The Simpsons, Doctor Who and even Portal 2 which I never saw coming. Meanwhile Scooby Doo and Jurassic World are set to come as Team Packs.

These may be on the website but as of yet Warner Brothers Interactive has not officially announced most of these packs. When Lego Dimensions was revealed, it was announced that packs would ship to stores throughout 2015 and 2016.

I have to admit with all this content set to come to the game Lego Dimensions it is looking to be truly impressive. I even find it amusing that they have a Portal 2 connection coming to the Lego game and hopefully it will be good.

lego-dimensions-2 lego-dimensions-3 lego-dimensions-4


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