Thimbleweed Park’s Switch Release Date Announced

Thimbleweed Park is a throwback to the heyday of point-and-click adventures that has already been very successful on multiple platforms. We recently learned that the game is heading to the Playstation 4 as well as Nintendo Switch. While a release date was announced for the Playstation 4 release, Switch fans were left waiting.

Until now.

Developer Terrible Toybox have finally unveiled when Switch users can get hold of the game. Thimbleweed Park will arrive on Switch on September 21, costing $19.99 USD. A similar price is expected for those in Europe.

Thimbleweed Park will support both physical and touch controls.

There is a quiz you can take to see if Thimbleweed Park is for you. Here are the questions:

  • Do you still feel guilty about microwaving a hamster in Maniac Mansion?
  • Would you know what to say if someone suggested that you fight like a dairy farmer?
  • Do you have no idea what those last two questions are about, but love stuff like Twin Peaks, The X-Files, Stranger Things, jokes, puzzles, and vacuum tubes?

If these questions aren’t enough for you, check out the trailer below (check it out regardless, really):


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