THQ Closes QA Facility in Arizon

THQ will be closing their Assurance facility in Phoenix, Arizona Quality.  THQ instead will be only use with its facility in Montreal,

“Montreal is a prime location for industry talent, has favorable economics, and is a big part of our future game development plans,” the company said to IGN. “With those considerations in mind, we have made the business decision to consolidate our two Quality Assurance operations into one location at THQ Montreal. The studio in Montreal is already home to a global team of Quality Assurance professionals. The transition will occur gradually throughout the remainder of 2012 while we continue to manage QA for our 2013 release slate.”

The closure of the Arizona facility “was driven by industry, market and economic trends” and it will only be affecting 57 employees in all (including both full and part-time). The good news is  some of those employees will be eligible to relocate to Montreal, though THQ notes that “the final number is not known at this time and will depend on a number of factors.”

THQ ended with “We want to thank all of our QA team members in Phoenix for the outstanding work they have done in the past, and will continue to do during the transition in order to bring the highest quality games to our audience.”

Hopefully mostly all employees will still have a job or b eable to find a new one

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