Top 10 Most Badass Weapons in Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry has become one of the most badass franchises to grace video games. The series is filled with fast-paced action and awesome set pieces that separate it from any other action games out there. Players slay troves of demons, looking awesome while doing it. Of course, if you are going to kick demon ass, you are going to need an arsenal of weapons to do so, which the Devil May Cry series has plenty of.

Here are my top 10 badass weapons from the Devil May Cry series.

No. 10: Cerberus

Devil May Cry Cerberus
Ice cold.

Dante receives this weapon after defeating Cerberus in Devil May Cry 3. Cerberus is a triple nunchuck imbued with the power of ice. The weapon will be returning in Devil May Cry 5, this time with two new forms: a lightning chain and a flaming bow staff. Cerberus is the fastest weapon in Devil May Cry 3, with chains that can extend to great lengths. Watching Dante wield this weapon is flashy and impressive, and is fun to get up close with.

No. 9: Faust

Devil May Cry Faust Hat

A cowboy hat. Yes, Dante can kick demon ass with even a freaking cowboy hat. The Faust Hat will be making its debut in Devil May Cry 5, and is one of the most unique weapons in the series. Faust’s attacks costs red orbs in order to be used, but will reward the player with more orbs than spent when used correctly. Of course, Dante has to infuse some style while using Faust, and will pose like Michael Jackson at times while wearing the hat. It is the most unconventional weapon that the franchise has thrown at us, and that makes it all the cooler.

No. 8: Beowulf

Devil May Cry Beowulf
Time to get up close and personal.

After defeating Beowulf in Devil May Cry 3, Vergil is rewarded with a set of gauntlets and grieves of the same name that have a very animalistic look to them. Later in the game, Beowulf comes into Dante’s possession. This weapon sees its user get up-close and personal, dishing out heavy hits that can be charged for more damage. Beowulf is blessed with a sacred light and glows white when used, as well as emitting said light as an attack. This weapon is all about getting into your enemy’s face and wiping the floor with them.

No. 7: Kalina Ann

Devil May Cry Kalina Ann
Big and bad.

Rocket launchers are pretty cool. How do you make one even more badass? Throw a large bayonet on the end. This weapon is initially used by Lady in Devil May Cry 3, but comes into Dante’s possession near the end of the game. The weapon is named after Lady’s mother, which is etched onto the handle. The bayonet can be used close-range, but can also be used as a grapple. The Kalina Ann has a high damage output, and is capable of targeting multiple enemies at once. Whether you have to hit them at a distance or have to get up close, the Kalina Ann’s got you.

No. 6: Pandora

Devil May Cry Pandora
A suitcase of deadly wonders.

Pandora is a briefcase that can transform into 666 deadly forms that Dante obtains in Devil May Cry 4, though he only has access to a few of those forms in the game. These forms include an over-the-shoulder rocket launcher, a laser cannon, and a Gatling gun. The weapon can also be used by Trish in Devil May Cry 4’s Special Edition. It is one of the more difficult weapons to use, but the damage output is huge when mastered.

No. 5: Red Queen

Devil May Cry Red Queen
Rev that baby up.

The Red Queen is Nero’s sword, which he always has at his side. The blade is a customized version of the swords that the Order of the Sword uses, which Nero was a part of at the beginning of Devil May Cry 4. What makes this sword unique is the fact that the handle has a motorcycle-like gear shift on it, which can be used to ignite the blade and deliver more damage. The Red Queen is one of the most unique swords that is seen in the series, and is capable of tearing apart any demons that get in your way.

No. 4: Ebony and Ivory

Devil May Cry Ebony Ivory
Dante’s two trusty partners.

Ebony and Ivory are the names of Dante’s two trusty pistols. These personally customized guns have appeared in every Devil May Cry title, and are Dante’s go-to long-range weapons. The white pistol, Ivory, was built to allow Dante rapid-fire action. The black gun, Ebony, was built to give Dante long-range targeting. With these guns, Dante likes to rain down the pain, as he dispatches more of his enemies with these two pistols then he does any other weapon. If you are playing a Devil May Cry game, Ebony and Ivory will be in your hands at some point.

No. 3: Nevan

Devil May Cry Nevan
Rock on.

Dante receives Nevan after beating the Lightning Witch of the same name in Devil May Cry 3. What makes Nevan so awesome is that it is a literal electric guitar. Using Nevan, Dante employs a number of electric-based attacks while jamming out on it. It is also able to become a scythe, which Dante can use to cut through his enemies. The weapon was also a part of Dante’s move set in Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. There are very few out there that can say that they have slaughtered a mass amount of demons while using their electric guitar.

No. 2: Yamato

Devil May Cry Yamato
Beautiful yet deadly.

Yamato is a katana wielded by Dante’s brother Vergil. It was left to Vergil by his father, the Dark Knight Sparda. It is wielded by a number of characters throughout the series, including Dante himself at one point. Yamato is imbued with magic and can cut through virtually anything. This includes the fabric of space itself, which we see Vergil do in Devil May Cry 3 in a number of his attacks. Yamato carries a certain elegance about it that the other weapons on this list do not have, making it a unique piece.

No. 1: Rebellion

Devil May Cry Rebellion
The most trusted heirloom.

Rebellion is Dante’s trademark blade and accompanies him through much of the series. Where Yamato was passed down to Vergil by their father, Rebellion was the heirloom that Dante received. In Devil May Cry 3, we see that Dante had already become proficient in the use of the weapon, but did not awaken its true power until his first fight with Vergil when his blood got on it. It also awakens Dante’s demon blood, allowing him to transform into his Devil Trigger state. Just like his pistols, Rebellion is one of Dante’s most trusted weapons, and one that he always keeps close at hand.

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