Top 10 Cats in Video Games

If there is one thing that the internet has proven, it is the fact that we are crazy about cats. Whether you love them or hate them, cats have become a big part of our society. Like anything that becomes popular in society, our feline friends have found their way into our video games. They take many forms, and go from being in the background to taking front and center in many of our favorite titles.

Below is a list of some memorable cats that have invaded our video games, making them a better place.

No. 10: Blaze the Cat (Sonic the Hedgehog)

A fiery princess from another dimension

Blaze first made her appearance in 2005’s Nintendo DS title Sonic Rush. She is a princess from a different dimension other than Sonic’s, and has the power to manipulate fire. She protects the Sol Emeralds in her dimension, and was initially a shy and antisocial individual. Since her debut in the DS title, she has appeared in a number of Sonic games, including the ill-fated Sonic ’06, as well as Sonic Rush Adventure.

No. 9: Felicia (Darkstalkers)

A sexy cat lady

This Catwoman hails from the Darkstalkers series, and has been inspiring many a sexy cosplay for years. Contrary to her attire (or lack of), Felicia was raised by a nun, and she even started her own orphanage. She also aims to be a famous music star, as she wishes to serve as a bridge between humans and Darkstalkers. She has been a staple in the Darkstalkers series, and has been featured in many other franchises, including the Marvel vs. Capcom titles.

No. 8: Taokaka (BlazBlue)

Happy-go-lucky kitty

Taokaka is probably one of the more humorous kitties to be featured on this list. She has been a part of the BlazBlue cast since the series started, and is often used for comedic effect in the game’s story. She loves sleeping and eating, and is quite forgetful. Despite this, she is incredibly agile and fierce on the battlefield. She is not one to be easily messed with. We may not know what her face looks like, but we know that it has a fierce set of fangs.

No. 7: Catfish (Castle Crashers)

Cat + Fish = this monstrosity

Castle Crashers can be a trippy game — a fun and addictive game, but a trip nonetheless. The game was developed by The Behemoth, as only they could cook up this monster. As you continue traversing the lands to save a group of princesses, you eventually encounter the Catfish. You fight it as you travel down a river, using logs and alligators to stay above water as it spits fur balls at you. It may not be the prettiest cat on this list, but it is one of the more memorable fights in the game.

No. 6: Dusty (Gravity Rush)

This kitty bends the force of gravity

Dusty is a very special cat. Appearing in the Gravity Rush games, Dusty is the one who bestows the gift of gravity manipulation to the title’s protagonist, Kat. Becoming one of her closest companions, Dusty accompanies Kat on her adventures as her Guardian. Dusty also has a unique look, with his fur appearing as a night’s sky. It is a very appealing look, and fits his role in the games.

No. 5: The Khajiit (Elder Scrolls)

Khajiit has wares

Anyone who has played any of the Elder Scrolls games has seen a Khajiit. These cat-people are one of the series’ playable races, and are one of the beast races that call Tamriel home. The Khajiit are usually looked down upon, and are often considered to be thieves. While the game world may look down upon these cat-people, we seem to love them. They have become a staple in gaming culture, and are also the source of many memes.

No. 4: Persian (Pokémon)

Meowth’s final form

When people think of cat-themed Pokémon, they usually think of Meowth. I, however, like to think of Persian. One of the original 151 Pokemon, Persian has been a part of the series since its inception.  Meowth’s evolved form, Persian is much more elegant and embodies a cat in its prime. One of its Pokédex entries even states that Persian walks with grace and elegance. The anime’s first main antagonist, Giovanni, had a Persian as his main Pokémon, who was always seen with him. Meowth may be more known due to the anime, but Persian definitely captures the essence of a cat much better.

No. 3: Red XIII (Final Fantasy VII)

Final Fantasy VII’s resident badass

Found early on in Final Fantasy VII, Red XIII is a lion-like creature that is first encountered in Hojo’s lab. Red, whose real name is Nanaki, quickly becomes a party member and one of the most badass-looking parts of your team. As the game progresses, we get a touch of his past and see just how deep of a character he is. We see how he feels about his father, who he thought was a coward. In one of Final Fantasy’s most touching scenes, we find out the truth about his father. Red XIII is one of those characters who not only looks cool, but also hits us emotionally.

No. 2: Morgana (Persona 5)

The Phantom Thieves’ mascot

Morgana is a literal cat burglar. Obsessed with treasure, Morgana is the mascot for Persona 5, and the closest companion that the Protagonist has throughout the game. He serves as a guide and mentor to The Phantom Thieves, proving to be a capable party member in his own right. Believing he was once human, he spends much of the game trying to figure out a way to turn back. Despite this, Morgana is one of the best cats to show up in video games in recent times, and one of the best characters in general. And he can turn into an awesome cat bus.

No. 1: Cait Sith (Final Fantasy VII)

Mechanical kitty riding a giant Moogle

I always thought Cait Sith was one of the coolest things ever: A cat with a crown, cape,  and megaphone riding a giant Moogle. Sure, he is a robot, but at least he is a robot cat. Cait Sith’s original goal was to infiltrate Cloud’s party and spy on them. But after a heroic act at the end of Disc One, he switches sides and becomes an integral part of Cloud’s team. Like Red XIII, we see a lot of character development for Cait Sith. He may be goofy, but it is nice to see that he is not one-dimensional. Cait Sith is one of Final Fantasy’s most recognizable characters, and one of the most famous cats in gaming.

GameLuster’s Tuesday 10 is a weekly column that highlights memorable, lighthearted facets of video games or the industry at large. The No. 1 is a hill no one should die on, but it’s a hill that should be admired from afar.

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