Top 10 White Wolves in Video Games

Wolves are a pretty cool animal to begin with, and have starred in video games ranging from Okami to Balto II: Wolf Quest: The Game. Coloring a wolf white is a great visual cue to indicate that that particular wolf is particularly strong, noble, powerful, special, or intelligent. As a heavily visual medium, video games have featured more than a few white wolves in their time.

Here are ten memorable White Wolves in video games, ranging from literal wolves to people with cool nicknames to a few unexpected entries:

Honorable Mention: Koromaru (Persona 3)

Wolf Koromaru
Objectively, the best boy

Okay. So. Koromaru is a dog. A pure white Shiba Inu, to be precise. Therefore, I cannot in good faith put him on this list, as he is not a wolf. However, Koromaru is also a very good boy, a supportive friend, a strong party member, and a dog capable of summoning his own Persona, so I also cannot in good faith NOT put him on this list. So Koromaru lands here, as an honorary white wolf if not an official one.

10. Lloyd Reed, the White Wolf – Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade

Wolf lloyd
At least I didn’t make you guys look at his Fire Emblem Heroes incarnation

Lloyd is a decently memorable boss from Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade, a member of the villainous organization Four Fangs alongside his brother Linus (known as the Mad Dog.) While he appears as an enemy, he’s hinted to have a nicer side as the eventual recruitable character Nino thinks of him as a big brother. However, Lloyd the White Wolf is so low on this list because his incarnation in the Fire Emblem Heroes mobile game is really, really hard to look at. Even having to look up pictures of him for this article was too much.

9. White Wolfos – The Legend of Zelda Series

Wolf Wolfos
At least it’s not the Water Temple…

Wolfos are a wolf-like enemy that have appeared in several The Legend of Zelda titles, most notably Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. They are aggressive, fast-moving enemies and tend to have a weak spot on their tail that hero Link must target in order to defeat them. White Wolfos are often stronger than their more standard brown and gray cousins, and tend to live in snowy areas where they can blend in with the scenery and sneak up on Link. In later titles, such as Twilight Princess, White Wolfos attack in packs for an even greater challenge.

8. King Vaynard, the White Wolf of Norgard – Brigandine

Wolf Vaynard
Just look at those stats!

Vaynard of Norgard has the kind of arrogance that only comes with being really, really good at what you do. When you boot up the game and see this young-looking guy sporting a title like White Wolf, you might feel a little bit doubtful. But King Vaynard is one of the most tactically competent of Brigandine’s selectable monarchs, so he more than lives up to the title as Norgard fights to survive in a war of conquest.

7. Whitney – Animal Crossing

Wolf Whitney
Her favorite coffee is a mocha, so I gotta credit Whitney for that

Known as Bianca in Japanese, this white wolf has a Snooty personality and has appeared in several Animal Crossing titles, including the spinoff movie. However, she’s not a particularly interesting villager – in particular, her home in New Horizons is one of the most boring in the game, containing little more than a bed and a rug. At least she can gift the player Sparkle Stones if they befriend her, so…that’s something?

6. Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek

Wolf Nancy
Spoiler: the butler didn’t do it

The sixteenth installment in a series of point-and-click mystery adventure games starring beloved amateur sleuth Nancy Drew, The White Wolf of Icicle Creek sees Nancy staying at an isolated Canadian lodge where mysterious accidents continually occur and eerie wolf howls are heard in the distance each night. The game was praised for its surprisingly deep story, and is a definite recommendation for both newbie detectives and veteran Nancy fans. (And yes, there is a white wolf….but talking about it too much would be major spoilers.)

5. Hisuian Zoroark – Pokemon Legends Arceus

Wolf Zoro
So deadly…yet so adorable

Hisuian Zoroark (and its pre-evolution, Zorua) have a pretty tragic backstory – they were unable to survive the frigid winters of the Hisui region and were reborn as ghosts powered by the malice they feel towards both humans and Pokemon. However, they’re also downright gorgeous, ferocious-looking and extremely useful in battle – plus, Hisuian Zorua and Zoroark are the FIRST ever Pokemon to represent the long-awaited Normal/Ghost type combination. Definitely a white wolf that any Pokemon trainer should want to add to their team!

4. White Wolf Publishing

Wolf Publishing
Still waiting on Bloodlines 2

White Wolf Publishing makes this list for providing the world such titles as Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, and the entire Chronicles of Darkness line. Their unique Storytelling System resulted in several popular, enduring role-playing games that are still beloved by fans to this day. Unfortunately, White Wolf Publishing as an entity ceased to exist in 2018, so it cannot rise any higher on this list. (Plus, I’m STILL waiting on that endlessly-delayed Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2, which definitely doesn’t help.)

3. Lone Wolf Ashes – Elden Ring

Wolf Ashes
Sarim and his pack join the battle!

This Elden Ring spirit summon allows your Tarnished to become the alpha of their very own pack of ghostly white wolves. Each wolf in the pack has an independent health bar and is capable of making melee attacks and drawing aggro away from the player character, making them invaluable allies against Elden Ring’s many tough bosses. The Lone Wolf Ashes depicted here belong to GameLuster’s very own Sarim and are named Legoshi, Sophie, and Bing Bong.

2. Geralt of Rivia, the White Wolf – The Witcher Series

PS Now June Update Adds The Witcher 3 3 Sonic Games and More
The editors wouldn’t let me use the tub picture anymore

“When the White Wolf fought, a silver tongued devil…” ….no, wait, sorry, that’s the TV series. Anyway, the Witcher of Rivia gets his most well-known nickname from his distinctive mane of white hair, but it also suits Geralt’s personality: he’s gruff, snarly, and no-nonsense, but fiercely protective of daughter Ciri and anyone else he considers part of his chosen “pack.” For humans bearing the title “White Wolf,” he’s the best of the best. In fact, Geralt would be number one on this list, if not for…

1. Amaterasu – Okami

Wolf Okami
Who’s an adorable goddess? She is!

Goddess, artist, warrior, and all-around adorable, Amaterasu is the absolute top when it comes to white wolves in video games. Together with her tiny pal Issun, “Ammy” uses the powers of her Celestial Brush to restore life and vibrancy to Japan, tangling with a myriad of mythical monsters along the way. The game in which she stars, Okami, is a stunningly beautiful experience featuring a unique watercolor-inspired art style. If you’re going to play a game with a white wolf in it anytime soon, this is definitely the one to choose!

What do you think about these white wolves on this list? Do you have a favorite white wolf – whether human or canine – that you think should have been included? Comment below and let us know!


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