Top 12 Wishlist for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! just released its 3rd DCL, with the 2nd playable character after Handsome Jack: Sir Hammerlock’s sister, Aurelia.  So, no doubt I will be playing through this game again, since Borderlands is a gun blasting good time! For those new to the series, there are four main heroes –or mercenaries– to choose from that will eventually become Handsome Jack’s main generals in Borderlands 2. Well, kind of generals? Anyways, the gameplay is fast and exciting, while the story is interesting, but leaves much to be desired. Check out my full review of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel for more info on the game. Now, while I did really enjoy Pre-Sequel, there were a few things that I thought needed some tweaking, or additions. This is my wish list for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

#1- Turn On/Off Auto Saving

I’m not a perma death kind of player. I just don’t find it fun. I’m one of those people that loves to create multiple saves, in order to backtrack and do something over. I play games like Fallout, Dragon Age, Skyrim, and I save a file before I make a decision so that I can go back and decide something else if I don’t like the result, or it messes up my progression in any way. Playing that way is fun, for me.

#2- More Character Options

I love the characters and the artwork for Borderlands and I’m always excited to find a new skin or head. Customizing is always a good time, and I wish that Gearbox went the extra mile and just allowed you to create a character. Or at the very least change clothes, and allow us to outfit our renegade Vault Hunters with different outfits. You know, like in RPGS, where leg, chest, head, and weapons change your appearance depending on what you equip. That would be lovely!

#3- 3rd Person Mode

As I said, I love the character designs. I just wish that I could see them. You’re allowed a bit of customization when it comes to the Vault Haunter you choose, like color and head type, but it never really matters since you can’t see yourself. This is more to show your individuality during mulitplayer, but I spend a lot of time playing solo. No friends, you see. Thus, the ability to see my character and the changes would be nice. Maybe something like Fallout or Skyrim, where you could choose between 1st and 3rd, so fans of either style would have a choice.

#4- Fast Travel Ability

I never liked that I’d have to get to a waypoint in order to go from one place on a map to the other. A fast travel system would have made traveling less cumbersome. Or, maybe finding an item that allowed you to move across Elpis at will would have made traversing the moon a lot easier.  Especially since you move so slow!  I’ll get into a bit more detail on your movement in #6 and #12.

#5- Call Vehicles To You

Like traveling, you can only spawn vehicles in certain areas. It would be a nice if you could, at some point, call the vehicles to your current location. Yes, this idea came to mind because of Destiny, and the Sparrows. There’s so much terrain to cover, and sometimes space bouncing just doesn’t cut it.

#6- Oz Kit Flight & Dashing

As I said in my review, I felt like I was slowly lumbering about from place to place. Borderlands is all about speed and wildly shooting, trying to dispatch baddies from every direction. While hovering and butt slamming is nice, I wish that you could find Oz Kits that allowed you to dash about. I mean, they release some pressure and allow you to hover. Why not exhaust more oxygen and allow you to dart from here to there, or even fly like a lot of the enemies do?

#7- Duel Wielding

I know that it’s something you can do with Nisha during her Action Skill, or Salvador and his Gunzerking, but I’d like it to be standard. Yes, I realize that this is asking a bit much, but if you’ve read my other reviews –-or know anything about me– I love to duel wield, in games. Making it a special technique is pretty interesting, but for me personally, I’d like to be able to do it on the fly. Duel wielding for life!

#8- Grinder Machine Upgrades

I know you can create better guns in the Grindor, but I just never found it very useful. Sure it had the Luneshine weapons, which looked cool and had some interesting perks, but I was always able to find something bigger and badder while I was looting on Elpis.

I felt like it would have been more helpful if you were able to grind and breakdown other weapons to upgrade a specific gun. You know? So after the chosen guns were ground up, you could use what was left on another gun of your choosing. Things like adding elemental damage (corrosion, shock, fire, ice), attack rating, recoil, ammo amount, etc. So a standard, crappy gun with no elemental value and horrible recoil could potentially become a fire/corrosive/shock weapon, with a higher damage output, phenomenal recoil, and a larger bullet magazine, specifically thorough using the Grinder.

And to make it harder to upgrade, maybe depending on the color (and some chance percentage) you would only see a 3%-10% upgrade in the weapon? So abusing and spamming the crap out of the grinder couldn’t yield instant results, and would require you to spend some time and effort in order to churn out an amazing weapon. Just a thought.

#9- Special Item Boxes

I felt like every loot box in the game, whether it was from a boss, or just a random chest you found somewhere on the moon, always gave random junk. Some good, but most of the times bad. Now, while I understand that it’s random, and there are a gazillion guns to be found through random loot drops, I always felt like after a difficult battle, you deserved to be rewarded with something that felt substantial. I think boxes, with specific weapons, or weapons types, that always showed up would have been nice. Or maybe when you opened a chest you’d find a weapon that was high level, like the Golden Keys and Golden Chests, you know? Except you’d have to work for these. You know, by offing a boss or something?

#10- Weapon Mods

As I said, drops are random. There are a lot of guns. A whole crap load, and there’s also a whole slew of useless loot. Weapons, shields, and Oz kits that you will never equip because they’re way too underpowered to be effective. Aside from my wish for a Grindor that grants weapon upgrades, I wish that in the whole chaos of finding random loot, that you could also find items that would upgrade your weapons. Kind of like the grenade mods for the first Borderlands. That way, the useless guns could at least stand a chance of being something worth using, instead of weapon fodder.

#11- Company Specific Shops

The main town has a lot of decent shops. Aside from not being able to see a lot of the shops on the in game map (making it harder to locate them. Seriously, why isn’t the bank vault on the map?) I always found that waiting for a specific gun, by a specific company, to show up in the weapon vendor machines was always a hassle.

I couldn’t help but think that Company Specific shops/machines would be an amazing addition. Perhaps a Torgue Gun shop for all your explosive weapons needs, Mailwan for Elemental enthusiasts, or Jacobs for those that love power! And one for only shot guns, one for pistols, one for sniper rifles, and the like.

Not sure about anyone else, but I favor pistols, sniper rifles, and shot guns. I always searched the shops for these specific guns, hoping to find one bigger and badder than what I had. The result? I’d wander from shop to shop, with no gun worthy of taking space in my inventory.

#12- Upgrade Speed

This was a big thing for me, as stated with Oz Kit dashing and flying. During my play through Pre-Sequel I couldn’t help but feel like I was too slow. I mean, I know you’re on a moon, and gravity and all that, but I never felt any sense of speed. And in a game like Borderlands, where chaos and mayhem are what drive you to bullet storm through the game, sluggishly moving about made traveling a chore. And less fun. Even the vehicles felt slow. I wish there was a way to upgrade speed for both characters and the vehicles, either through leveling up, or upgrading.


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