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In the past, there could be an argument that video games have not implemented enough female characters at times, whilst there has been an incredible lack of queens used in titles as well.


These characters, though, have all the ability of being portrayed in a different light to their male counterparts and can be even more effective than some of the ones that have been created in the past as well. The same could be said in the betting world for those that like wagering on sports and esports, for example, with BonusQueens one under-rated website.


Nevertheless, there have been a few to break the mould and some of these queens have been exactly what the video gaming world needs. So here are our top five, although we realise this is likely going to cause a debate…


The Shadow Queen

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Within the Paper Mario mythology, the Shadow Queen is a legendary immortal demon that has been sealed for a thousand years in an ancient palace. When the powerful witch devised a plan to revive her, Mario and his friends decided to stop the queen’s rebirth. Unfortunately, the Shadow Queen was able to return to the physical world using Princess Peach as a vessel. Possessing Peach, the Shadow Queen forced Mario to fight the same woman he had rescued on multiple occasions. The Shadow Queen had various magic spells at her disposal, but Peach had somehow blocked her powers and made her feel uncomfortable enough to reveal her true form. As the Shadow Queen was distracted by the good wishes of the ethereal Crystal Shards, Peach gave her remaining power to Mario. This ultimately allowed him to defeat the Shadow Queen and banish her completely.



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Sindel once ruled as queen of Edenia with her husband Jerod. Unfortunately, an evil emperor named Shao Kahn invaded her kingdom, killed her king, enslaved her people and took her baby girl as his own. When he gave up all hope, Sindel committed suicide. Normally that would have been the end of her story, but Shao Kham had revived Sindel using dark magic, then brainwashed her and declared her his wife. Not remembering his past, Sindel showed unwavering loyalty to Shao Khan. With the help of her daughter, Sindel realized she was being manipulated and swore to bring Shao Khan to justice. Its story, however, was modified during the 2011 Mortal Kombat reboot. On this tour, Sindel was definitely more ruthless and ended up killing most of the heroes in one battle, not to mention the femme fatale of Tanya from the bloodsoaked series.


Queen Brahne

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Queen Brahne Raza Alexandros XVI and her husband ruled the Kingdom of Alexandria for many years. After her husband died, a mysterious wizard named Kuja began to manipulate her from the shadows. The once peaceful monarch was obsessed with power and caused much death and destruction as Alexandria waged war with neighboring nations. Her quest for domination was reinforced by the creation of a magical army that would blindly follow her orders. Brahne’s greed was so insatiable that she ignored her daughter’s safety. People around her used terms like “elephant woman” and “fat ass” to describe her, but her ugly exterior masked her kind heart. Brahne asked for forgiveness before she died, and despite all the horrible things she had done, she was fondly remembered by her people.




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Alexstrasza the Life-Bender is an Aspect of the Red Dragon Flock and the guardian of all life on Azeroth. One of the five titan-equipped great dragons, she has led the resistance to corruption on Azeroth throughout her life. Due to her supreme wisdom and unlimited compassion, Alexstrasza was crowned Dragonqueen by the titans and was given power over her kind. Though she is prepared to defend her lands if necessary, she prefers to remain calm. For this purpose, he sometimes takes a humanoid form to see what the approaching mortals do. Altruism and power are strange companions, and most of the women on this list would do anything to gain more influence. Alexstrasza, on the other hand, is a selfless leader who was willing to sacrifice herself and her escape to save Azeroth from complete desolation.



Sarah Kerrigan

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Queens are usually married in position or inherit the role through their bloodline, but Sarah Kerrigan installed herself as queen. A human gifted with powerful psychic abilities, she served the Terran Confederation as an operative within her secret Ghost program. After she was captured by an alien race known as the Zerg Swarm, Sarah usurped the Zerg Mind and declared herself their leader. Standing on the broken bodies of her enemies, Sarah proclaimed herself the Queen of Blades and made it impossible for anyone to dispute her rule. She pays no attention to soldiers or spaceships, and proudly describes herself as the Queen Bitch of the Universe.

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