The Nintendo Wii had its ups and downs, but in the end there were many third party and first party games that were very successful. These games became console sellers, and helped the Wii sell over 100 million consoles. GameLuster has created a top five list for those of you who are looking to play something on your beloved Wii. Without further adieu, here is the top five third-party Wii games.


Number Five: The Conduit


The Conduit is a game that is most definitely inspired by Halo, Dead Space, and Goldeneye. It had a compelling campaign, with plot twists and strong character development. The graphics were amazing for the Wii, and make the game that much more compelling. To the average viewer it may just be another game, but when you get your hands on the controller and play against a friend or in an online match you become hooked with the game. The game has gotten a remake for Android devices, but it is highly recommended to play the Wii version, as that is where it originated.


Number Four: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11


Tiger Woods 2011 is the best golf game on the Wii, and is only ranked at number 4 because it is a sports game and is available on almost every system. What makes this fun is the activity that is brought from the motion controls. The course and character selection is the best of all of the Tiger Woods games, and the graphics are also very impressive. If you are an avid golfer and want to experience Pebble Beach or Augusta, then this is the game for you. Remember, this is a game that is fun for large groups of people, and the way it is made can create some competiveness between players, which is how a sports game is meant to be.


Number Three: GoldenEye 007


Goldeneye is a classic that originated first on the N64. It became popular because of its maps, and competitive multiplayer mode. This game is the most fun on the Wii, as you have full use of the motion controls to guide your character. The story sticks to the Goldeneye plot we are all used to, and the maps are all there for the player to have fun on. It does not bring as much laughter and joy, as the original GoldenEye for the N64, but is still very fun. Oh, and unlike the N64 version, Oddjob is fair game in this one.


Number Two: No More Heroes


No More Heroes is a very unique take on a hack-and-slash game. It has the humor of Duke Nukem and the violence of Lolipop Chainsaw. The story can be confusing at times, but you should be fine as long as you pay attention to it. There is an open world aspect to it, and you can explore it on your motorcycle. Your main weapon is a light-rod, which is essentially a lightsabre. Yes, a lightsabre. If that’s not the selling point, then the amazingly fun gameplay will be. It can be easily beaten by spamming the controls, but is way more fun when trying to get a high combo. Enemies present a challenge, which makes the game replayable for those who strive for perfect goals. Whether you like this type of game or not, No More Heroes is a must play for readers above the age of 15.


Number One: Resident Evil 4


Although it may come as a shock to some readers, the number one game is easily Resident Evil 4. It is both arguably the best game in the series and the best played on the Wii. The over-the-shoulder aspect makes the game as creepy as the other Resident Evil games. The atmosphere and introduction are also very eerie. The game also has a very long playtime, and I personally recommend playing it in the dark. Expect a lot of deaths near the end, as it provides a good challenge. When you are done there is plenty to do in the timed mercenary modes.


In reality, everyone will have a different version of their top five list, as the Nintendo Wii has so many third-party games. To give you an idea of those that missed the cut, here are some honorable mentions:

Lego: Indiana Jones, NBA Jam, Epic Mickey, Madworld, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Mario and Sonic at the Winter Games, and MLB 2K09.


What do you think? Would you add or remove anything from this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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9 years ago

LOL I’m really happy that RE4 got #1! Also great to see the conduit on here and while it was a great effort by a third party it did need some more polish!