Tower of Fantasy: How To Make Nano Protective Film

There are plenty of new areas to explore in the latest Tower of Fantasy Under the Grand Sea update. These areas are the Grand Sea, Secluded Cave, and Dragon Breath Volcano. Similar to Aesperia, where you will need a Suppressor to explore specific areas,  you will need Nano Protective Film to explore the Dragon Breath Volcano. However, before you begin the quest to make Nano Protective Film, you must first complete the main story. So now, without further ado, follow this Tower of Fantasy guide on how to make Nano Protective Film. 

How To Make Nano Protective Film In Tower Of Fantasy

To begin making Nano Protective Film, you must go to Innars. You must then go to Innars Mechanic Cole and Mechanic Apprentice Aki; you can find them as you make your way to the lower level of the Innars lobby. Once you find them, you must first interact with Cole, then Aki. Next, they will tell you which materials you must obtain to make the Nano Protective Film. 


tower of fantasy umbra whale ambergris

You will need 1x Ambergris, 10x Resilient Film, and 20x High-Spec Sensors. The Ambergris is the easiest to get; all you need to do is follow the Umbra Whale. You can find the Umbra Whale in the Ring or Secluded Rock. Once you’ve followed the Whale for a few minutes, the Ambergris will pop up!

Resilient Film

tower of fantasy resilient film

Now that you have the Ambergris make your way down into the Jellyfish Cave, southeast of the Secluded Rock. Once there, you will see four Jellyfish (at first) and three empty pods. To get the Resilient Film, go to each of the four Jellyfish and activate them. After that, only three Jellyfish will remain.

You will then need to activate them according to which one enters the pod and lights it up first. After that happens, wait until one of the Jellyfish moves closer to the other, and that’s when you can begin activating all three of them. When all three Jellyfish have entered their pod, the large pod in the center will glow. Next, enter the pod and pick up the Luminescent Polymer. This will give you 10x Resilient Film.

High-Spec Sensor

tower of fantasy surveilance guard high spec sensor

Finally, you can obtain the High-Spec Sensor from the Surveillance Gaurds: Oceanic Model. Plenty of them float around in the sea; however, you must interact with them before they turn red and switch off. Once you do, they will give you the High-Spec Sensor and World Exploration points. Remember, you will need 20 of the High-Spec Sensors.

Get Your Nano Protective Film

Now that you have all your material, go back to Cole and Aki. Aki will request that you obtain another item to complete the Nano Protective Fim. But first, you must get 1x Elementia; this item will drop from the Abyssant: Scylla near the Breezy Ilse. 

After defeating the boss, return to Aki and give her the Elementia. She will complete the crafting of the Nano Protective Film, after which you can immediately equip it. As a reward, you will get 150x Mira and 50x Veron after you receive your gear.

And that’s it! That concludes our guide on how to make Nano Protective Film in Tower of Fantasy. If you’re curious about the new update, check out these guides Tower of Fantasy: Under the Grand Sea Limited-Time Events Guide or Tower of Fantasy: All New Under the Grand Sea Vehicles and How To Get Them.

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