Travis Scott Concert In Fortnite Hits 12.3 Million Players

Yesterday, an all-time player record was set in Fortnite with Travis Scott’s live concert, ‘Astronomical’. On top of the 12.3 million players in the game itself, the Fortnite stream was watched by millions online. Travis Scott’s live concert blew Marshmello’s event from last year out of the water, with an estimated two million more in-game players in attendance.

A number of encore performances are expected in the coming days, with Fortnite announcing there will be various other opportunities to watch yesterday’s event. In a bid to maintain their servers, the time slot for the event was focused primarily on American Fortnite players. For those who missed the concert, it involved a huge version of Travis Scott parading throughout the in-game world of Fortnite, accompanied by psychedelic light shows and music.

Further shows are scheduled today for 4pm and 11pm UK time (10am and 4pm CDT). Last year, Marshmello’s concert was watched a record-breaking 10.7 million people. This made it the largest in-game event for Fortnite, surpassing the record of a previous show, which marked the end of popular Halloween mode, “Fortnitemares”. This event was watched by 8.3 million.

Of course, the number for Marshmello’s stage show was substantially higher once Twitch streamers and those watching on other platforms were factored in. In a statement on Marshmello’s event, Epic Games said: “Fortnite recently had two record highs for peak concurrent players. On February 2nd, Fortnite had its best event day ever with 10.7 million players showing up for the Marshmello concert.”

For Travis Scott’s full concert, check out the footage at the Youtube link below.

On April 3, it was announced that Deadpool would be appearing in Fortnite.  The official Deadpool Twitter account dropped the news, reading: “Starting tomorrow, I’M crashing this party. There’ll be music, tacos, and a whole lotta Deadpool. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.”

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