Deadpool Is Coming To Fortnite

The new season of Fortnite has been in full swing for a while now and in that time players have had a tease about a new character, Deadpool. Unsurprisingly, for those who follow his comics, players can find the infamous mercenary’s headquarters in the bathroom. The bathroom showcases some new challenges for players to complete but is decidedly sans Deadpool.

The good news is that Deadpool is officially coming to Fortnite on April 3, 2020, per this tweet on his official account:

Deadpool is not the first Marvel character we’ve seen on Fortnite, that honor goes to the Avengers, but he is arguably the Marvel character whose nature most closely aligns with the ethos of FortniteWith the Avengers cameos, players got to enjoy some new skins, challenges, and game modes.

The last time Disney had a major cameo on Fortnite was for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and it featured some new game modes, skins, maps, and clips. Disney has confirmed that will be another Deadpool movie so it will be interesting to see if there will be any teasers to it in this new crossover. Especially since the Star Wars event was so popular and well-received.

It will also be interesting to see if Deadpool will remain a fixture to the Fortnite universe, unlike previous cameos. Either way, with Deadpool involved, this Friday on Fortnite is bound to offer some surprises.

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