Uncharted 4 PC Port Hinted at in Sony Investor Presentation

A PC port for Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End appears to be coming soon. This is according to a presentation from Sony (courtesy of PC Gamer) published as part of their “Investors Relations” day. There’s a particular slide to take note of, labelled “New Growth Vectors: Playstation Studios”. On this slide, shown below, Sony appears to confirm a planned release for Uncharted 4 on PC. Given that Days Gone, one of the games shown, has already been released for PC, it seems like the Uncharted 4 release is very likely.

As seen on this slide, Sony plan to eventually bring Uncharted 4 to PC
As seen on this slide, Sony plan to eventually bring Uncharted 4 to PC

Sony appears intent on increasing its return on investment from first-party titles, citing Horizon Zero Dawn as an example as it aims to “create new fans for our IP.”

When you consider that none of the Uncharted titles have been produced for PC in the past, A Thief’s End, arguably one of the best in the franchise, is not a bad place to start for PC players uninitiated with the Naughty Dog series. 

The presentation further confirms that the PS4 console remains a key source of revenue on the PS Store, accounting for 95% of the last-gen console. On the subscriptions side of thingsPlayStation Plus has drawn in almost 48 million paid subscribers this fiscal year. 

Only a couple of weeks ago, Uncharted 4 marked its five-year anniversary, with Naughty Dog revealing a series of player stats to mark the occasion. One particular stat that stands out are the  almost 10 million players who interacted with the lemur in Chapter 11. 

Elsewhere, the Uncharted film was recently delayed by one week. The adaptation of Naughty Dog’s iconic video game series was slated for cinematic release on February 11, 2022, but will now make its debut on February 18. The film’s earliest scheduled release in cinemas was back in 2016; it was later slated for release on March 5, 2021, followed by release dates of July 16 and Oct. 8.

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