Sony Drops Uncharted Film Footage – Two Seconds of It

The first footage from the long-awaited Uncharted film adaptation has been released, and Sony has been rather sneaky in how they’ve done it. In a small clip focusing on individual employees from across each of Sony’s six key business units, we see for all of two seconds a glimpse of both Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg (minus the Sully stache, sad to report) in action, kitted out in swanky suits at a restaurant – and that’s it.

While both Holland and Wahlberg look dapper in their suits, there’s a look of either suspicion or contempt from Holland’s younger Drake as Wahlberg walks by. In truth, it’s difficult to be analytical of the footage when there’s so little of it.

The full clip from Sony focuses on the company’s employees sharing “their commitment and ideas based on Sony’s Purpose from their diverse perspectives.” 

In truth, we’d all scroll by this clip if we came across it on social media channels, and wouldn’t think twice to check it out unless we knew there was a cheeky clip of a young Nathan Drake at the minute and a half mark. So, here’s to hoping we’ll soon see an official trailer. 

The Uncharted film will star Tom Holland as a younger Nathan Drake, partnered with Mark Wahlberg as Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan (sporting the iconic stache). Sophia Ali will be playing Chloe Frazer. Antonio Banderas and Tati Gabrielle will be featuring in supporting roles.

The film’s earliest scheduled release in cinemas takes us back to 2016. Most recently, in April 2021, it was confirmed that the adaptation would be delayed by one week. 

Back in January, a series of stills snapped on the Uncharted film set were released, revealing cobwebbed statues, a map of the world, and a golden cross encrusted with rubies, seen in another picture as a key. 

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