Uncharted Remaster reportedly coming to Playstation 4

Ever since Naughty Dog decided to delay the highly anticipated Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End fans have had an outcry for the franchises previous three games to make their arrival on the Playstation 4, I admit it would make sense particularly for those like myself who never owned a Playstation 3. In previous weeks we have whispers and rumors of a remastering of the Uncharted trilogy and know thanks to Unseen64’s Liam Robertson it seems it is likely, Robertson made claims through Twitter that the Uncharted remaster is in fact real and it is likely that something will be revealed at E3.

He does not specifically state if the remaster will cover just the first game or whether it will include the entire trilogy however rumors do seem to point more to the trilogy seeing a remaster. Although neither Sony nor Naughty Dog have confirmed this to be true Robertson himself does usually seem to be in the know about such events, hopefully it is real and will arrive this year. We should known in around three weeks.

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