Upcoming Fable Title Will Reportedly Blend “Old” and “New” Ideas

Last week’s all-digital Xbox Games Showcase ended with quite the unexpected reveal: a fourth installment in the popular adventure RPG series Fable is coming to the Xbox Series X. While a release date has not yet been announced, the Fable announcement has already become one of the most talked-about elements of the Showcase.

Naturally, Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty got asked questions regarding Fable when he sat down with The Guardian to talk all things Xbox Series X. In particular, he was asked why Playground Games was asked to take over from series creator Peter Molyneux and publisher Lionhead Studios. Booty spoke highly of the company, citing their passion for Fable and their interest in balancing beloved elements of the series with new innovations.

The studio head discussed the difficulty of rebooting such a popular franchise, comparing it to the creation of new Star Wars movies (The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and The Rise of Skywalker) in the style of the original trilogy. However, he has great faith in Playground, believing that their work on the gorgeous graphics and detailed worlds of the Forza Horizons series will translate well to the world of Fable.

“I just look at what Playground has done with the Horizon series – that attention to detail, the ability to represent these naturalistic landscapes,” Booty praised. “They also have a real passion for the IP and a unique point of view on what’s core to Fable. Everything I’ve seen as the game progresses tells me this is going to be a very high-quality release.”

Currently, the upcoming Fable title is speculated to be a single-player RPG similar to earlier entries in the series, possibly featuring a more modern-styled open world. However, nothing has been officially confirmed, as the trailer shown during the Xbox Games Showcase did not feature any gameplay.

What “old” and “new” elements would you like to see in Fable for the Xbox Series X? Let us know!

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