Upcoming Parkasaurus Is Like A Cutesy Jurassic Park

Front row seat for a Triceratops hatching in Parkasaurus
by u/kulz_kid in IndieGaming

The developer for the upcoming park-management sim Parkasaurus released new gameplay footage today: the birth of a triceratops. Although its only thirty seconds long, the video quickly popped to the top of /r/IndieGaming on Reddit.

Most of the feedback so far has been positive, with a few users commenting on the “charming” art style.

Parkasaurus is a park-management sim where you get to design and manage your own zoo of dinosaurs. Your goal is to maximize the happiness of your dinos, guests, and overall profit from this venture. Players will be able to design exhibits, quell dino outbreaks and time travel in order to get new dinosaur eggs. Its the first game for Washbear Studios, a two-man development team.

While its concept draws significant inspirations from games such as Zoo Tycoon–one commenter even asked if the game was meant to be a spiritual successor to Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs–the developer says that it’s not exactly meant to be like that.

“We tried to stay away a bit from games in the past that might be similar in an effort to avoid just re-hashing the same thing in a different skin,” one of the devs explained on Reddit.

According to the Steam page, the developers plan to release the early access version of Parkasaurus this summer. You can wishlist the game on Steam now, and follow the development on Twitter. Check out the official trailer for the game below:


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