Valve President Ends Rumors of Microsoft Buyout

It seems the rumors of Microsoft buying out video game giant Valve have been put to rest, at least for now.

In an email to Valve President Gabe Newell, a concerned fan directly asked the question the gaming world has been wanting to: Is Valve being bought by Microsoft?

The unsurprising response by Newell to the email was, “Not that I’m aware of.”

The email and response from Newell come in lieu of reports earlier last week that Microsoft was on the move to acquire companies like EA, PUBG Corp, and Valve. While talks with other companies may still be happening, it’s likely that Valve will not fall under the Microsoft umbrella any time soon.

In any case, Valve is in a good spot right now. Because of its distribution service, money is continually coming in, even without the development of new games.

Saying this, Valve is working on a card-themed game based on Dota 2. With the enormous success that Dota 2 has brought in, the new game will most likely be met with success, creating more reason for disinterest in moving to Microsoft.

This does not mean Microsoft isn’t looking to acquire studios in the likes of Valve. They have come forward saying they have over $120 billion and are on the hunt for securing more games for the company. However, this may lie in acquiring smaller-yet-popular companies like PUBG Corp rather than EA and Valve.

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