WarioWare Gold Features a Talking Wario

We all know Wario to be the silent type. If we hear him at all, it’s a wail, yell or some other kind of incoherent sound. That’s about to change. WarioWare Gold will have full voice acting for our evil hero, as well as all of Wario’s friends.

Nintendo rarely does full voice acting for its heroes. . Even then, many heroes like Mario and Luigi say very little, so its understandable that fans find this new take on him disconcerting.

WarioWare Gold features the expected multitude of mini-games you play. In some instances, Wario will comment on how well the gamer is doing in the minigames. Whether you can play mini-games as Wario himself or not is yet to be seen.

For now, European gamers can play the demo in the 3DS eShop now. The game releases on July 27 in Europe on July 27, but North America will have to wait until August 3, 2018.

You can see Wario speaking in the trailer below:

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