We Are OFK Is Part Indie Game, Part Biopic

Possibly the first of its kind, upcoming indie title We Are OFK is described as the “making of the band” journey straight out of a documentary – but in video game format instead. The game, which is both developed and published by Team OFK, was one of several new indie titles announced during today’s Nintendo Indie World livestream event. In addition to a Summer 2022 release for Nintendo Switch, We Are OFK is also planned to debut for PlayStation consoles and PC via steam.

Players take on the role of Itsumi Saito and her friends as they form the band OFK and work to create music together while also struggling to make rent, find dates, and more in the bustling, sprawling setting of modern Los Angeles. The narrative-based game features a combination of interactive episodes and music videos featuring the band’s actual songs, which will be released on a weekly basis later this year. In total, We Are OFK is planned to consist of five playable episodes and five interactive music videos. In addition, it will include a fully voiced cast and a texting mechanic for communication among members of the band.

Fans of the band and intrigued potential players can get to know OFK before the game releases by listening to their debut track, “Follow/Unfollow,” which can be played via YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, and more. The team is also answering questions related to the game via the band’s Twitter account.

The May 11 Indie World showcase was a great time for fans of narrative-based games, as We Are OFK was far from the only story-rich title announced to be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Other narrative-focused offerings include the choice-based Batora: Lost Haven and the noir-punk adventure Gunbrella, scheduled to release later this year and early next year respectively.


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