Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood Trailer Released

Cyanide Studios showed off a teaser for their latest project, Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood last year at E3.  Since then, the team has been silent, presumably working on the title and not wanting to whip fans into a frenzy.  Today, as part of IGN’s “Summer of Gaming” series, they released a new cinematic trailer.

Because it is a cinematic, there’s not a whole lot of details about gameplay or anything like that.  At the end of the trailer, there’s a title card, indicating the game will be coming out for Xbox, PlayStation 4 (which also means it should be PlayStation 5 ready), and that it can be wishlisted on the Epic Games Store (so no Steam release yet).  The game is using the Unreal Engine.  There’s also mention of a publisher event, Nacon Connect, slated for July 7th, so it’s likely we’ll be seeing gameplay and getting more details at that time.

For the sharp-eyed, or the very patient, we do get at least a few hints about the character in the video describing what would be initial character creation choices in the tabletop game.  Whether these items are locked in the game or if players will have the option to make their own character creation choices is currently unknown.  There’s a series of glyphs, using the Garou claw marking system which briefly flash by as the character in the video appears to undergo his “First Change.”  From those glyphs, it indicates that the character is part of the Fianna tribe, werewolves originally from the British Isles.  The character is definitely human, or “homid” in the parlance of the Werewolf setting.  And he appears to be an Ahroun, the werewolves who are primarily tasked with warfare by the tribes, marked by the Auspice of the Full Moon.

It’s definitely one of the more stylish trailers we’ve seen so far this summer, and it’ll be worth taking a look at what happens on July 7th.

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