Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 Patch Notes Released

The patch notes for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone, have been released. The fourth season was delayed in light of the recent Black Lives Matter protests, and last night, the season was green-lighted to go live.

The update is a hefty one, in terms of size, yet due to the way the files are compressed, the update will only take up 4 GB of space.

The update file sizes have been revealed via Call of Duty News on Twitter, as seen below. The PS4 will eat up 32.5GB, the smallest across all consoles, while Xbox One will take up 44.3GB. For the PC players on Modern Warfare and Warzone, it’ll be a little larger, with a file size of  45GB, and 39.6GB for PC users on Warzone only.

One of the most notable aspects for Season 4 comes from the new multiplayer map, Trench, Scrapyard, and Barakett Promenade.  On Warzone, in-match events have been added, which can occur at any time without warning.

The first mode available is Jailbreak, which will release all players waiting in the Gulag, as well as all those spectating.  Secondly, there’s the in-match called Fire Sale. The mode discounts every item from the Buy Station by 80 percent, or for free. The mode runs for a minute, meaning the race will be on for squads to reach a Buy Station and claim their goodies first.

Lastly, there are Supply Choppers. The event adds a “non-lethal but heavily armored” helicopter into the game. With the player equipped with a ton of health, the objective is to shoot it with a rocket or a great deal of ammunition to bring ti down.

Once the helicopter has been downed, it’ll drop “high-quality loot.” The loot includes three UAVs, two armor boxes, and munition boxes, as well as a gas mask, a grenade launcher, and, best of all, lots of Cash.

This update is not only significant in size is also vital in terms of content on offer, so check out the official patch notes summary via the link above for the full details.

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