Over last decade, mobile gaming has positioned itself as a viable market competitor to consoles and PC gaming. No longer a newcomer, mobile gaming has matured to become a massive industry. Much of the market success has come from the obvious benefits of mobile technology, such as accessibility and simplicity.

Casual gamers have embraced their phones as a gaming platform. Mom and dad are far more likely to play Candy Crush on their iPhone than they are to go out and buy a PlayStation 4. One of the biggest trends in the mobile gaming space over recent years has been the social casino. These applications are a combination of two ideas… the online casino and the casual game.

The result is arguably something that does not do justice to either of those genres. It’s important to know social casinos on mobile are not the same as online casinos, mainly because no money is wagered. If you want to play a genuine online casino on Android or iPhone, you’ll need to head to a proper website, such as Golden Nugget Casino, where you can get a full online casino experience.

In this post, we will explain how the social casino trend has grown, and why you’re probably better off avoiding these games.

The Rise of the Social Casino

Social casinos are smartphone applications available on iOS and Android that allow people to play casino games without wagering money. Google and Apple do not allow betting apps to be listed on their official stores (there are other legitimate ways to get them). Social casinos are not part of this ban because they don’t allow people to make bets.

That’s why fans of casinos have largely ignored these types of games. Instead, they have been embraced by casual gamers who like the thrill of poker, roulette, or slots, but don’t necessarily want to spend money playing.

As mentioned, social casino games combined the online casino with a mobile game and mostly fail to capture the magic of both.

Why Social Casinos are Worse than Normal Casinos

Firstly, if you’re someone who loves casino games, an online casino remains a better choice than a social casino. Most games at online casinos are free to play too. If you do decide to spend money, you can do so with the chance of winning. Social casino games have in-app purchases that allow users to buy perks and rewards, but you can’t win anything.

Online casinos are heavily regulated, so your personal and financial details are always secure. Many social casino apps are not as safe and there are some that have outright nefarious intentions. But here’s the thing. If you want to experience casino games, online casinos are the best place. Developers behind full online casinos are experts in crafting exciting and rewarding games.

Why Social Casinos are Not Good Casual Games

Mobile’s gaming dominance has been built on casual games. Some of them, like Angry Birds and Candy Crush, have become full cultural events. When casual games on mobile work, they are often amazing. However, the best mobile games thrive on progress, gameplay, and reward. Even the simplest idea will have these basic elements.

It is arguable casual casino apps lack any of these elements.