Wrestler, bodybuilder, actor, Internet meme….Fortnite star?

An enigmatic, un-captioned image post on WWE wrestler John Cena’s Instagram page possibly hints at Cena’s upcoming involvement with popular battle royale title Fortnite. The image, which was posted without context, is a piece of official Fortnite promotional art showing off a view of the in-game world and its two sides.

It is definitely possible that John Cena could have simply posted this picture because he found it aesthetically pleasing – Cena’s Instagram account is primarily used to share pictures that the wrestler and actor enjoys. However, it could also have a greater meaning, potentially indicating that Cena may have some upcoming, as of yet unannounced, involvement with Fortnite.

If John Cena indeed will be appearing in Fortnite in some capacity, the options are numerous. Fellow WWE star Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson previously appeared in Fortnite as the character The Foundation, a mysterious figure who leads an in-universe group called The Seven. The Foundation, who debuted as an NPC before later appearing as a secret skin players could unlock, even has an appearance designed around The Rock’s, sharing his distinctive muscular body and bald head.

Alternately, John Cena could instead appear in Fortnite in the form of a character he has played on film or television. If this is the case, the most likely choice is Peacemaker, a DC Comics superhero who Cena played in both the HBO Max series Peacemaker and the 2021 film The Suicide Squad. There is definitely precedent for comic characters appearing in Fortnite – notably, the “merc with a mouth” Deadpool previously debuted as a secret skin similar to The Rock’s The Foundation.

Unfortunately, nothing has been confirmed regarding John Cena’s potential appearance in or involvement with Fortnite. Hopefully, more news will be shared soon. Until now, fans can only speculate about how the wrestler and actor might be connected to Epic Games’ increasingly popular title.

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