World of Final Fantasy is finally available on PC.

To celebrate its first week, anyone who buys the game from November 21-28 will receive the Day One edition of the game. The PC version bonuses include a digital soundtrack and a special HD wallpaper. It also includes the same in-game content as the PS4 Day One edition, like legendary bonus summons and creatures, such as Sephiroth and Boko the Chicobo (meaning a young Chocobo).

World of Final Fantasy is a great way to introduce new players to the vast world of Final Fantasy and its lore. Players can explore Grymoire as twins Reynn and Lann while meeting a familiar cast of characters. You can capture creatures to use for traveling and ability boosts, or evolve them for new specializations.

The PC version is for Windows 7 or higher, and will set you back 40 USD. You can purchase it on Steam or the Square Enix Website.

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