World of Final Fantasy Releases Day One Edition Its First Week on PC

World of Final Fantasy is finally available on PC.

To celebrate its first week, anyone who buys the game from November 21-28 will receive the Day One edition of the game. The PC version bonuses include a digital soundtrack and a special HD wallpaper. It also includes the same in-game content as the PS4 Day One edition, like legendary bonus summons and creatures, such as Sephiroth and Boko the Chicobo (meaning a young Chocobo).

World of Final Fantasy is a great way to introduce new players to the vast world of Final Fantasy and its lore. Players can explore Grymoire as twins Reynn and Lann while meeting a familiar cast of characters. You can capture creatures to use for traveling and ability boosts, or evolve them for new specializations.

The PC version is for Windows 7 or higher, and will set you back 40 USD. You can purchase it on Steam or the Square Enix Website.

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