Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Now Available

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, the newest, and first mobile addition to the Animal Crossing series, is available for download on iOS and Android supported devices. Pocket Camp is free to download and play, but will have in-app purchases.

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, you take on the responsibilities of Camp Manager, which includes fulfilling day-to-day tasks for your fellow campers, decorating and exploring the campground, building and buying furniture, and making friends and keeping them.

With a wide array of character-customization options, you make your Camper your own, and afterward head out and customize your campground. You can do chores to earn money that can be used to purchase expensive items and furniture from the Handyman, Cyrus. You may place these items in your personal Camper or around the campground for all to enjoy.

If you like exploring, you can spend some time chasing butterflies and lightning bugs, knocking apples off trees, fishing by the sea, or falling into holes (left behind by some trickster). There’s much to do, much to explore, and many faces to meet.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp stays true to the fun and familiar Animal Crossing formula. If you want to return to the world of Tom Nook and Kapp’n, get your stay-away-bags packed and wipe the dust off your mobile phone chargers.

It’s time to earn some Bells.

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