World of Warcraft Legion Expansion Announced

The wait is over WoW Fans, The 6th expansion for the ever growing MMO has officially been announced and it looks epic.
The Trailer, featuring familiar faces such as Gul’dan and Illidan Stormrage tells us that the expansion will center around the invasion of the Burning Legion.
It also boasts other features such as the new Broken Isles Continent, A raised level cap to 110, new dungeons and raids, new Honor systems, New Artifact weapons such as Ashbringer, and a new hero class: The Demon Hunter.

The Broken Isles experience will begin before the expansion launches in an event called The Broken Shores.

The story behind The Demon Hunter Class is that they are the elite agents sent back on a suicide mission by Illidan during The Burning Crusade. The Introduction to the class will “Teach us the true meaning of sacrifice”. There are only two specs available for the class: Havoc for DPS and Vengeance for Tanking. They also have a double jump ability.

Zones mentioned in the expansion include:

Val’Sharah, where you much stop the Emerald Nightmare from invading your world.

Stormheim, where you uncover the fate of Vykrul.

Azsuna, Where you will partisipate in a race with Queen Azshara in order to obtain control of a Pillar of Creation.

Highmountain, Where you can explore the lair of Neltharion

And Suramar, A place that a new race of Elves have lived, undiscovered for 10,000 years.


There are 36 artifacts in the expansion; One for each specialization, with a long chain of quests that change based on your race, and how you play.

You can also earn Artifact Power by adventuring which can be used to unlock traits, and customize your weapons.

See the feature overview below:


See the Expansion trailer here:

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