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WWE ’13 well its time of the year again, with THQ’s newest gripper WWE ’13 hyped to be the biggest Wrestling game of all time and with its already impressive roaster

Size, creative suite features, and the Attitude Era mode we all want to know about this game already shows a strong promise to be one of the most entertaining WWE Games ever!


The Logo’s Match the WWE’s Product to near Perfection!

Okay well when it comes to WWE games is the controls and graphics of course but that also for every game but when it come to the gameplay WWE ’13 features some small improvements from last year’s WWE ’12 with the new ability to perform OMG Moments that allow you to do new stuff like break through barriers and break the ring (If your Playing with Super Heavyweights) also new additions only in the brand new Attitude Era Campaign Mode called attitude moments where you have to press a specific button At a certain time to usually knock out the referee or stike you opponent tag team partner the occasionally come up in the campaign mode and it not something special but One problem I had with it is that I would usually have to hit my opponent with a chair or title afterwards and you only have some much time to complete that task before The referee gets up and that can be a pretty hard challenge when the opponent’s tag partner will usually grab you and yours is still standing at his corner not helping! But it’s no big problem and doesn’t affect the game to where it’s just too frustrating all the time and your partner’s A.I is usually spot on for the most part. With just little nags about the game there are a lot of great things about it such as what I just mentioned the Attitude Era mode! There’s nothing better than reliving the amazing moments in WWE history and what’s better than the Attitude Era, now it’s 100 percent accurate but it’s pretty darn impressive playing at arenas like WrestleMania 14 to Rock Bottom, that’s right classic ppv’s named after the Wrestlers. The tiny little inaccuracies don’t bother me but it is a little annoying when you’re listening to (for example Shawn Michael’s) talk and every time he says WWF they edit out the F so all you hear is “WW Champion” but I guess there was no other way to fix that because of the lawsuit 10 years ago. but enough about that the bottom line when it comes to it that the gameplay is still just as intact as it was last year and features animation just as smooth with occasionally with a little slowdown in camera cuts!

(In my Opinion I still prefer WWE Day of Reckoning Controls over any WWE game I’ve ever played but this is definitely a nice change like last year’s game!)


Oh Hell Yeah!

To me 5 years ago when I got WWE Day of Reckoning 2 for the GameCube which was already a year and a half old I thought the graphics were so amazing with wrestlers actually looking the way they should and not looking like plastic models and the crowd looking amazing for a GameCube game. since then I always thought Smackdown vs Raw 2008 for the PS3/360 or WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007 for the 360 looked the best since it was before they starting making it for all the systems and the quality of the overall game seem to tone down just a bit but this game might be the game to top off that list in my opinions since the crowd has some great lighting effects. Arenas, Crowds, and wrestlers look a bit better from last year’s game and just impress me still when I look at it! (Kane’s Attitude Era entrance is so accurate it’s scary) I would say this is probably as good as they going to get which is surprising since when it was first revealed at the end of May it looked horrible in my opinion but there has definitely been lots of improvement! (with the Austin 3:16 Edition you get the Downloadable code for Stone Colds ATV entrance & Attire and Mike Tyson which is the best part especially for Attitude Era fans, I’m not the biggest attitude era fan as 2006 – 2008 were my favorite times of the WWE but even I find this alone to justify the 80 dollar price tag for the collector’s edition!)


Modern WWE action is still AWESOME!

When it comes to replay ability its almost the same as always for the past two years they give you tons of stuff like create an arena which is more detailed this time, As always with WWE games the sounds of the Wrestlers Entrance’s sound good and the Crowd Sounds pretty spot on with the action in the ring for the most part. and WWE Universe mode where it gives you unlimited content for playing thru WWE shows over the years and getting options we’ve seen in past games like interrupt matches and occasionally seeing someone attack there opponent before the beginning of a match and seeing stuff just like what you see off WWE Television which take it for what it’s worth since a lot of people are getting this for the Attitude Era mode but overall it comes down to are you getting next year’s game or not because I don’t see myself playing last year’s game too much now that I have this years and that’s seems to be a problem with sports games in general but if you are one of those people who play all the WWE game until you beat everything and continue playing the ones with the most and best content, this game will probably that because it has the Biggest roaster ever in a WWE game, tons of customizable content that’s even more depth with create an arena, online features (still a little laggy but nowhere near as bad as past WWE games), and much more DLC content in the near future! More about the online, even when you’re in a game where not everybody has great connection but just okay or one bar, the game still performs well even if there is slowdown at a certain part of a match, I played the elimination Chamber Match Online if all 6 players present and didn’t have a problem for the most part! (Just so far THQ seems to be having problems with the online statistics because I’ve made it to a level two on Rank Matches twice so far but the stats just keep on resetting, hopefully THQ can resolve that in the near future!)


The Reason for all the pre-orders this year!

So closing off this review, WWE ’13 might be one of the biggest Wrestling games to date but by no means the best ever! Just extremely good and

Pretty high up there on the list and even if you got last year’s game you still might want to come back for this one especially if you’re a wrestling fan of the late


WWE ’13: 8.5/10

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Carlos Zamudio
9 years ago

man i hate steve austin, he is a punk bitch