Modders Make Red XIII Playable In Final Fantasy VII Remake

Red XIII in the Final Fantasy VII Remake, as many players discovered, was not playable. Instead, they had to settle for second best, as Red XIII was AI-controlled within the game, rather than be a controllable party member like Cloud and Co. However, with some tweaks to a save editor, Red XIII has become (briefly) playable in combat.

This all came about because of a software engineer and game hacker called Luciano “Xeeynamo” Ciccariello. He upgraded his Kingdom Hearts save editor and made it compatible with Final Fantasy VII Remake. As a result, Red XIII became playable.

At this stage, it’s important to understand that the update has limited functionality, but all the same, it has worked. Check out the Save Mod footage below to understand how Red XIII operates in a fight. As well as battle quotes, and the ability to attack, dodge, and block, his movements can also be controlled. Some setbacks include and magic, as these cannot be changed, and a player cannot use limit breaks.

Red XIII will only be around for a limited time, as everything resets once a cut scene concludes or someone leaves. There is hope for modders to unlock Red XIII fully within the PC edition of Final Fantasy VII Remake. Elsewhere, some modders have employed the Kingdom Hearts Save Editor to teleport freely, as well as spawn out of bounds, change materia, and background music. The question that Final Fantasy VII Remake players might be asking now is what else can be uncovered within the game? What other secrets are there to be found?

In only three days, digital sales and shipments for the Final Fantasy VII Remake Remake exceeded 3.5 million worldwide. This fact is made all the more remarkable considering the game was launched on April 10, amidst worldwide coronavirus lockdowns.

For those who haven’t yet claimed their copy of Final Fantasy VII Remake, they can play the demo for free on Playstation 4. This gives players access to the first chapter.

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