Xbox Games Showcase: Halo Infinite To Be Xbox Series X Launch Title, Gameplay Demo Shown

Leading the Xbox Games Showcase was Halo Infinite, heralding the welcome return of series and de facto Xbox mascot: Master Chief. This reveal was actually a playable demo, which starts with a date and the ominous text of “167 days after we lost”, and sees the Spartan Warrior alongside a new human companion. The two fly through occupied enemy airspace, before being shot down, and the Spartan Warrior decides to take the fight to the covenant outside – after a short argument with his new ally.

Almost immediately we see Master Chief make use of series staples like the Federation Assault Rifle and Warthog jeep before swapping his weaponry out for whatever alien equipment he can scrounge from the battlefield. Notably absent from the reveal is Halo’s second most iconic character, the holographic Cortana. This might be because her usual role of snarky foil to Master Chief has been filled by his as of yet unnamed human companion.

Moving from absent to added, the demo shows off Master chief has added a multifunctional grappling hook to his arsenal, capable of moving the Spartan about the battlefield or to grab objects such as explosive canisters throw at his foes, though with a cooldown after each use. Also in display is that John 117 will still be able to commandeer enemy vehicles and emplacements, and turn them against his alien foes.

The trailer ends with a new Covenant commander taunting Master Chief that he has already lost; that the covenant is one step ahead; that they have almost completely destroyed and scattered the federation fleet; and that he wishes he could say it wasn’t easy, before encouraging us to fight well — and die well. Instantly, the game gives us an immensely punchable antagonist for John 117 to fight.


How about you? Are you looking forward to grappling around the new Halo Ring and showing this new villain what Federation Spartans are made of?

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