Xbox Is Already Working On Its Next Console

The current generation of consoles didn’t exactly start on a good note. With COVID-19 restrictions and numerous issues with supply, alongside lackluster releases, it hasn’t exactly gone to plan, but Xbox seems to be planning on changing that. According to information that was shared via an internal email at Microsoft (shared by Windows Central), it would appear that the company is already hard at work on its next console.

The email was a part of an announcement for a game preservation team at the company. According to the email from Xbox president Sarah Bond, she says that “we are moving full speed ahead on our next generation hardware, focused on delivering the biggest technological leap ever in a generation,”. This confirms the numerous rumors that began to circulate in early February that speculated that the company was working on its next generation Xbox, which would later be confirmed that month during the Xbox Podcast.

As exciting as this news is, unfortunately not much else was shared in the email with regards to the console’s hardware or its expected release date. Considering that the new console’s development became a high priority, we will hear more news as time goes on. While we may not know much about the future console, we do have some insight as to what else the company is working on, such as the aforementioned game preservation team.

From what was shared in the email, Bond says “we have formed a new team dedicated to game preservation, important to all of us at Xbox and the industry itself,” the email would then continue with “we are building on our strong history of delivering backwards compatibility to our players, and we remain committed to bringing forward the amazing library of Xbox games for future generations of players to enjoy.” This is most likely a part of Xbox’s continued effort in backwards compatibility which many have seen as a major selling point for the Xbox Series X/S, and now with more resources being put into backwards compatibility, we may even see more games come to the platform both old and new.

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