You Can Get Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Free with IHOP Collaboration

Getting a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and its extensive library of hundreds of games has never been easier. All you have to do is dig into a plate of delicious pancakes! A recently announced collaboration between the International House of Pancakes and Xbox includes a month of free Game Pass Ultimate and other Xbox-themed rewards available for loyal IHOP customers.

IHOP recently introduced “PanCoins” which, thankfully, are not the latest form of cryptocurrency. Instead, PanCoins are bonuses that can be earned by eating at the restaurant, at a rate of one PanCoin for every $5 spent at IHOP. PanCoins can then be exchanged for a number of rewards, including three Xbox-themed goodies: one free month of Xbox GamePass Ultimate, a copy of the first-person survival game Grounded, or the Forza Horizon 5 Add-On Pack, which includes the Hot Wheels expansion and a number of new cars and tracks. The GamePass trial is available for ten PanCoins, while Grounded and the Forza pack cost 40 PanCoins each.

Xbox Series X and S.

It is important to note that the free month of Xbox GamePass Ultimate does come with some restrictions. The offer must be redeemed before January 2023, and must be used to create a brand new Xbox Game Pass subscription – an already subscribed account cannot simply use this reward to add an extra month of time to their subscription. However, the offer is still a great opportunity for anyone who has been thinking about trying out Xbox GamePass, especially if you are also a big fan of breakfast food and regularly dine at IHOP.

Although ten popular games did just leave Xbox GamePass yesterday, the subscription service’s library still includes a number of exciting titles. Xbox GamePass Ultimate, which can be used on both PC and consoles, recently added a number of titles including Death Stranding, with many more coming in September. Now is the perfect time for gamers to eat at IHOP and earn some awesome Xbox goodies!


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