Mario Kart Tour To Remove In-Game Gambling Elements, Adding Shop

Mario Kart Tour had a controversial launch back in 2019 with its Pipe mechanics, a mystery box containing a random kart, character or item. It was essentially a Mario loot box. Now we have the news that, later this month, they will finally be removed. Nintendo has announced via the Mario Kart Tour Twitter page that in a late September update the gambling system will be replaced with a Spotlight Shop.

Characters will continue to cost real-world money with the ruby premium currency used by Mario Kart Tour. It’s certainly an improvement to be able to choose your own characters and karts though, preventing the addicting nature of randomized reveals.

The game is following in the footsteps of Overwatch, which removed its iconic and infamous loot boxes earlier this week. Global legislation on the use of in-game gambling has gradually moved the industry away from the problematic mechanic, but it remains in use by the likes of FIFA and Genshin Impact.

As well as the new shop, the September update for Mario Kart Tour will be adding Battle Mode which will be sure to please fans of the mobile game.

Are you happy to see the tail end of the Pipes in Mario Kart Tour? Will this convince you to play the game? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more news.

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